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Code Execution

running regions, lines, paragraphs integration
submitting, searching scripts directly from ISE, with some WPF UI to make the results easier. Possibly some local caching and syncing with

code export
code exporting, formatting, posting to blogs.


Unix like hotkey bindings (ctrl+L for clear screen)

Tab Completion
Some extended tab completion techniques - intellisense would be huge

Various PowerShell Related Functions
Expanding Aliases
Advanced Function helpers
Syntax parsing for syntax corectness

Various Editor Related
loading batches of files
remember and grouping of used files
various extended editing features.

Extensions customization
Managing hotkeys
Turning features on and off

Many many more.

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Bernd_K Feb 5, 2009 at 12:21 PM 
We need a core library for text editing tasks too. Just applying some regular expressions leads sometimes to surprizing results. Well that's to extent caused by the CRLF line-delimiting conventions.