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ISE modifications we need

Feb 6, 2009 at 9:10 AM
I do not know, if this is the best place to discuss features, that we miss in ISE and can't supply by extensions ourselfs.

But as it concerns the boarders, we wish to overcome it is possibly the right place.

The top item on my list is:
A set of startup parameters for ISE, comparable to those of PowerShell.exe itself. I want to be able to run ISE with or without any profiles on an ad hoc base.
Otherwise with all the extensions we are starting to provide start-up of ISE would look like starting VS-Studio and not the creating of new Unix-Shell process.

The second item is the prompt dialog that ISE uses for the Read-Host commandlet.
Why not simply read the input from the Command-Editor, able to scroll through the history etc.
I just think this design decision is influenced by bad old GUI habit. (VB3 perhaps?)
If you prompts that way,  you can do it anyway, but it ought to the second choice and not the default behavior.
The potential of such a change would be unpredictable. You could implement any read-eval-print loop and build something like SQL-Querry-Analyzer perhaps.

I want ISE to be able to be extremly quick. When I want to preload all possible extensions, I could just start with PowerGui, which I use sometimes, but whichs startup time is too long for ad hoc usage.